Funny 911 emergency Call

Funny 911 emergency Call


I know you love your dad so much but once you on the internet you find out how cruel the world can be. The internet is filled with dad jokes that will surely have your ribs cracking. Some dads might one of the most confused species on earth. No offence but some of our dads are clueless although they claim to know a lot of things for instance I came across this amazing joke that left me in stiches. The wife is having some labor pains and the husband decides to call for help from an emergency hotline. The responder on the other line seems to be a funny man according to the type of answers he gives to this man

Operator: 911 what is your emergency

Dad: How to you deliver a baby my wife is in labor

Operator: Are you the first born?

Dad: No am the husband

How funny could that be. Such are the jokes you find on the internet of clueless dads who are looking for help but some evil person decides to mess with them telling them something straight from the blue. Ever heard about the dad joke, where me and my siblings were having breakfast and decided to talk about dad jokes. My dad being the person he is stands up and says in my life I have only managed to make 4 dad jokes and they are sitting here right in front me. That is one hell of a dad joke; I was left laughing my ass off as he stood up and went to his room. Don’t we just love our fathers and the amazing jokes they put on the table. Am sure after this, you will be goggling for more daddy jokes

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