Meeting the Parents, Pros And Cons

Meeting the Parents, Pros And Cons


The worst nightmare you could give to a guy is inviting him to go meet your parents. No one in the world wants to meet your parents and we are not yet married. It is the hardest thing ever to happen to the male species. Meeting your parents suggests that our relationship is flourishing and we need to take it to the next level. I am not ready for that shit and will only meet your parent when am sure you are the one. Most girls don’t see how awkward it is asking a guy to go meet their parents. You will give a guy a heart attack when such a question is asked. I have never been clueless in my life when it comes to meeting my chick’s parent.

First of all am torn apart on what to wear. Should I wear something casual or wear something official. Well come on this is not a job interview but it sure sounds like one. The other thing am worried is if the parents will think whether am good enough for you. For starters I do not have a job and the first impression your parents will have towards me is that I don’t take life seriously. It occurred to me that am also supposed to know what your parents like in order to avoid those awkward moments at the dinner table. You know how old folks are with their myriads of questions and forcing you to comment on things you have no idea about. It is true that I love you but do you think that me meeting your parent is the best idea right now. Am quite sure we need some time and once we are sure we can as well make both our parents meet.

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