More Gossip About Taylor Swift

More Gossip About Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift also hits the headlines for the wrong reason. This gorgeous lady is not all only known for the amazing tunes she churns out but also the drama she gets into when it comes to boyfriends She has had her fair share of drama when it comes to guys. She is known for jumping literally from one guy to the other. Just the other day she was dating Calvin Harris, many thought that this was a match made in heaven but they were wrong. It only took a few days after they broke up for Taylor to be spotted with another guy. Rumor has it that Tom Huddlestone was the guy who led to the break up of this two lovebirds. No one would believe that Taylor would move from her former boo so fast into the arms of another man.

Now coming into the Tom Huddlestone and Taylor saga many are doubting if their relationship is real or just a public stunt. The couple has been spotted on various occasions having a good time but how true is their relationship. I tend to wonder what this couple will gain from what it is they are doing. Some say they have a project they are working on together. If that is the case the Taylor Swift is a liar and does not deserve the publicity she is getting from her so called relationship. This is a lady who makes a living out of songs that are about how cruel relationships have been to her but she is the main reason for the break ups. When will the drama end and she eventually settles down and stop messing around with our feelings. Anyway am not one to judge but I think it is time she puts and end to the charade.

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