Something For All You Texting Lovers

Something For All You Texting Lovers


Texting is becoming part and parcel of human communication. As the days go by people are becoming slaves to their phones and surely this becoming a nightmare to the human race. Texting is addictive especially the youth and you can find them texting the whole day. We need to realize that texting is becoming a nightmare and we need a way to control the amount of time spent on texting. At first texting was created to be a shorter and convenient way of communicating without necessarily calling someone. Primarily texting was made to make communication faster but human being for who we are decided to over use it.

Texting is an evil that has crept among the youth making them lazy and waste their time. Even on the dining table you still find guys who instead of eating are busy texting. I mean what is so important that you cannot wait to be done with eating so that you can text the other person later. What can we do to make sure that our kids stop being slaves to their personal devices? it is surely hard control something that is beyond our control. Texting has become more complicated with time since nowadays kids use abbreviations that one cannot easily understand. Some of these abbreviations are ambiguous and hence cannot be understood by the older generation. You have to have a modern dictionary in order to understand what is being said by the so called younger generation. The anguish of not getting an instant reply when it comes to texting. Some of the guys don’t like texting and might end up taking the whole day to reply an urgent text that you sent in the morning. Am not against texting but I think it is a nightmare that should be controlled.

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