If You Have Stickers On Your Car Don’t Read This

If You Have Stickers On Your Car Don’t Read This


Do you know whatever you keep as your bumper sticker tells a lot about your character? As you drive daily you will meet some people with some of the weirdest bumper stickers. Just the other day I was driving by and saw a guy who had a bumper sticker written “do you know how many donuts can fit on my dick” Dude that is too much information and no one cares about your dick. Come to think of it what were you doing with donuts that you figured out the number of dicks that can fit in your dick? I don’t give a damn about you and your dick so there is no point of you showing such to the whole world. This just shows how stupid and dumb you are.

Some other stickers may scare you away like one I saw written my kid can stab your honor roll student. Dude that s scary and I wouldn’t want my son anywhere new your kid. That shows how you and your pathetic son are a bunch of idiots. Some of the stickers I have seen are hilarious like one I saw that says “Keep honking buddy am reloading.” That sticker got me going nuts and I almost shit in pants since it was so funny. One of the best stickers I have seen was one written “don’t laugh your daughter might be here” These are the kind of stickers that can make one insane. Imagine finding your daughter in such a car. We have to be careful with what we put as our bumper stickers as it gives the world a wrong impression about us. Some of the stickers might be funny but other people will surely take them too seriously.

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