The coolest President US Ever Had

The coolest President US Ever Had


Barrack Obama has done a good job as the president of the most powerful country in the world. Many claim that he will be remembered as one of the coolest presidents to ever occupy the White House, This young man has inspired many into making their dreams come true. As the country counts down to the election date many are wondering whether Hillary Clinton will take over from him. The presidential race is a tight one and one cannot say whoever will win it at this time. Hillary Clinton seems the favorite to clinch the top seat but it is too early to push Donald Trump aside. Whatever happens between now and November will come in handy in deciding who the next president of this beloved country of ours will be.

As a voter it is better to try and see who has the interests of the people at hand. Hillary Clinton wants to be first woman president and am trying to figure out will stop her from achieving this feat. Hillary Clinton has done a good job in previous posts and has a resume that can leave you envious. On the other side Donald Trump has the charm that can help him carry the day. Am not into politics but am sure we are in for a good fight as these two strong leaders go head to head. Going back to Barack Obama being the first black president came with its challenges but he was able to prove the doubters wrong. Many give him credit for his policies that include improving the health care system and many others. When you look at what the next president has to do in order to feel the shows of the outgoing president, leaves the voter with a lot to look forward to.

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