US Elections, Where Too?

US Elections, Where Too?


This is officially the worst presidential election ever in the history of the United States. The hype that comes with the journey to white house has not lived to its billing this time as we are treated to mediocre politics. First of all Donald Trump should not be the flag bearer for his party. I wonder if the guys who selected him were drunk during the whole process. This guy has no policies to over the state but has money to flaunt around and a mouth that only knows how to talk. Contrary to the previous elections where we had strong candidates going head to head until the last day am sure many people have made up their minds on who to choose as their next president.

This election offers nothing to the electorate as we have been given mediocre candidates to begin with. I remember the last time we had elections. We were treated to a galore of policies and we had candidates who knew what it meant to govern the most powerful country in the world. I wonder what will become of us once we decide to make Donald Trump as our president. Governing a country is not the same as managing a real estate empire. This guy will need to be put in check as he might mess up with the international relations we have with the different matters. We are about to go on the voting box and choose a man who openly believes in racism and wants to aid in the segregation of immigrants into our contry. Lest we forget that we are all immigrants in this land and racism is a thing of the past and no one should be talking about it anymore. There you have it folks am sure you will agree with me that this will be the poorest elections ever.

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