Zootopia, Something For Everyone

Zootopia, Something For Everyone


Zootopia is definitely one of the best animations I have ever watched. Forget about all the other animation movies and have a look at this new and captivating saga that unfolds in the animal kingdom. It is believed that rabbits cannot not make in the police force and one smart female rabbit is about to prove everyone wrong as he endeavors on a quest to make her dreams come true. Even her parents do not believe in her but is going to do whatever it takes to be a policewoman. Growing up she was taught to never trust the foxes as they were both cunning and dangerous but she manages to make a friend out of one of smartest foxes in town. You will love how the story unfolds and we are taken onto a full drama of twists and turns to find what hails the animal kingdom.

If you grew up reading animal farm then this is the movie for you. I love how the producers have done a good job in creating the characters that will both inspire you and entertain you. It is one of those movies that change your perception about life and makes you want to be a better man. I love how the fox and the rabbit work together despite their differences to cure what ails the kingdom. You will love the twist and turn as the most unlikely animal is found to be the one responsible for what is happening to the city. In this movie am quite sure you will love the graphics as well as the plot of the movie. Most of the critics agree that this is an amazing and deserves the thumbs up for being such an inspiration for those who want to chase their dreams.

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